Importance of Immigration Bonds

In order to have a temporary liberty, if any of your friend or loved ones has been arrested and detained for some immigration reasons, then the immigration bonds helps a lot to release the said person from custody until his appearance in court. The Immigration and Custom Enforcement agency is a government organization to do the task of arresting and detaining foreign nationals and are very aggressive in enforcing the immigration laws. The arrested or detained person, through personal recognizance is released due to the capacity that this agency invested in them. Or otherwise, the immigration judge has set the amount of the bail bond for a temporary liberty. The individual involved is allow to have a temporary release through this immigration bond Louisiana from detention while their case is progressing through the court and if they meet the certain qualification. More different types of bond are discussed below to benefit you from the arresting agency.

As long as the detainee is not considered as a national threat for public safety, two types of immigration bond are available to use to any illegal aliens.

the detained immigrant may be eligible for a delivery bond issued by an immigration judge. Most importantly, the purpose of this delivery bond is when the detainee will receive an arrest warrant, he has the assurance to face and attend the immigration hearing. Arrested person will allow to spend time to the family and have time to discussed his immigration lawyer regarding legal matters.

In some cases, detainees are given the freedom to go outside the country at their own expense for a specific period of time when availing this voluntary departure bond. Moreover, this voluntary departure bond is refundable, when paid in full to the immigration agency but will be forfeited if the person fails to leave.

Any of the two will decide the amount of the bond, either the ICE or the immigration judge will set the amount of the bond and the amount will be increase or decrease based on the following factor that includes person’s immigration status, criminal history, employment situation and family ties. One should importantly put in his mind that sometimes it takes a year or longer for the government to return the bond money to the person who posted it.

There are two ways to pay for an immigration bond, the surety bond and the cash bond. The immigration bonds Louisiana agent will shoulder the payment of the surety bond in your behalf and charge extra amount of money for the service that is non refundable. The cash bond on the hand, are paid in full amount of cash, money order and bond notes directly to the ICE by the family of the detainees and can be refunded once the detainee has attended all the mandatory hearings in court.

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